Earth Wise Consulting: Your Project Advantage

Company owner Branden S. Diehl, is a Juniata College graduate of 2001. Majoring in geology, environmental science, surface water hydrology, and a minor in politics, Branden blends the natural sciences with an understanding of governmental processes to facilitate your project. An Eagle Scout, and Commander's Award Winner for Civilian Service, Branden operates his business with integrity, dedication, and with the future in mind.


Earth Wise Consulting takes ideas and transforms them into projects. At the core of our business is a belief that customers matter, and working with you is a privilege. Our clients appreciate our dedication, honesty, and ability to reach out to elected officials, regulatory agencies, and funding partners. Our clients value our connections as much as they do our technical services.


We offer an array of programs that target specific needs throughout the Tri-state area. From biomass projects to mine reclamation to watershed restoration to subdivisions to community revitalization/economic development, and so much more--we've got you covered.


Earth Wise is now proud to provide energy efficiency consultations, lighting upgrade assistance, solar evaluations, professional content generation, and lean principle strategy consultations.


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We're making a difference--one project at a time.

Contact us at: 814 9771942, or send us an e-mail.